Monday, July 28, 2008


I would like to thank Jeanne for some pretty powerful positivity. I managed to get the past rent worked out and on a more even keel financially (money is still good though).

With that load of stress less I am feeling better. More energy the whole 9 yards. And I even feel vaguely Optimistic about the future. Heck I may even go buy a lottery ticket (that will put Jeanne to the test).

The picture today is my poor toe after I sat in a chair that was on it. And yes it hurts. What amazes me is how many other people say they have done the same thing! I thought I was one of the few that were that klutzy.

Since this is my second self inflicted wound in as many weeks I am avoiding the kitchen tonight (at least that is my excuse). Last weekend The bandaid for the blister on my booby caused a boo boo. (hows that for alliteration!)

When we bug bombed the house I turned off the gas to the oven. The oven is a pain to relight and during the hour long fight I dropped the lighter on my breast causing a burn that blistered. Neosporing and a Bandaid helped that heal but the bandaid took the top layer of skin off when I went to remove it, Causing a fresh boo boo on my boobie. Ain't that fun. (no picture of the boobie, this isn't that kind of blog).

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Ahmad said...

Thanks for the ulcer tip! I'll try it the next time I manage to bite my lip in the exact same spot three times within 30 seconds. Which, being me, will probably happen quite soon.

That toe-pic looks SO PAINFUL!! I want to scream on your behalf just looking at it!! Note to self: do not sit on chairs that are on my toes.