Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Me again

Its been a bit, I was busy, I was sick, I slept for a week, and I played alot of catch up. And as soon as I get behind I feel guilty and then don't write anything and fall even further behind. Cause I had things to share and then different things and it all got overwhelming. So from the top here is my last several weeks.

I am vested. Surprised the heck out of me. I got a stock offer that I still don't understand which reminded me of one I got when I first started working here that I didn't understand either. My boss was shocked and decided that I needed to understand at least a little about this stock thing so took me aside and went over everything and while I still don't really understand most of it, I do get that I am vested and should I choose to 'exercise' my stocks I can have cash. Cash I understand, it is that thing I have in my hands momentarily before it evaporates.

I participated in out companies Idea Jam and won. This is a big deal. Lots of recognition, 500$ spotlight and a day off the phone. I was excited, my boss did that girly shrieky thing, Indra was all happy and proud, it was good. I am good at the idea thing. I just need to figure out how to capitalize on it.

The air conditioner in the bedroom broke. I was lucky enough to be able to be able to sleep on the couch in the craft room, poor Indra had to suffer. We were miserable for a week until I could afford a new one.

Then we got sick, achy sensitive to everything, exhausted sick. The air moving across my skin hurt, fortunately I slept most of that week, didn't eat much of anything and did absolutely nothing. It sucked.

I also had my yearly review, something I hate. and while I am ok (notice lower case) I have lots of room for improvement. Lucky me my boss has decided I have potential and need to be making more money (she really is all about the money) so I am now her 'project'. Step 1... upgrade my wardrobe (she actually suggested this would be a good investment for my stock money), Apparently being an overweight woman means I have to pay more attention to the image I project and I should dress for the job I want not the one I have and I need to 'brand' myself so I have image recognition and well lots of ands.. Indra is all on board with this and I am acting like a Barbi doll (she is talking about making me wear a thong so I don't have panty lines). First step is apparently a grown up purse.

That's not the only thing to change though. I have decided my life needs overhauled. I am tired of getting the short end of the stick and then getting beaten with it. So I have talked to Indra and made it clear that my priorities are shifting and I am going to be coming first in my priorities instead of her. And so if she wants to continue as she has been she is going to have to help me with my goals. Not that I am one hundred percent sure of my goals, they are mainly just gotta change.

So I signed up for my companies weight loss challenge (winner is person who loses highest percentage of body fat) and am making my lunches a priority, lots of fruits and vegetables. I am going to watch portions and Indra is going to exercise with me (sweating to the oldies, the man maybe a hyperactive chipmunk on speed but he does good work). If I win I am getting a Kitchen Aid mixer, this is my incentive. I may print out a picture to drool over to remind myself why that second cookie is not a good idea (and maybe the first cookie should be passed on as well.)

I am also going to be putting alot of effort into my environment. I need want to stop living like a college student. And I am damn tired of fighting the dishes. So I am either going to stop eating, get all plastic or make dishes a higher priority than WOW. darn it

The dog keeps find dehydrated lizard carcasses to chew on. Indra thinks he has a stash somewhere. It is disgusting. We decided that Not our Cat should be named Heifer, because she is a bossy cow and she has black and white markings. In case you didn't catch it she is becoming ever closer to being our cat. I am not pleased.

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