Monday, January 26, 2009

When Moneys tight

This was one of the post cards on the Post Secret site this weekend. I initial reaction is she should have told him to peddle his own ass, and secondly that she was worth more than a measly armor upgrade. I told Indra about the postcard and told her that I would generously let her have sex with other people but I expected her to hold out for the good stuff, computer parts! I think that was very generous of me.

Tax season started on January 15th with a bang (hence the lack of posts). We broke efiling and wouldn't you know it everyone wanted to efile. :( I am working 50-60 hour weeks already and I am really not happy about it. funnily enough the people that wait over an hour to talk to me aren't very happy either. I was spoiled by how easy last year was. Darn it, I shouldn't have to work this hard!

To top of a great week Indra's computer tanked. It looks like her Video card went bad and took her windows with it. I swapped her video card for mine and reinstalled windows and she is up and running, I put an old video card in my machine and I am finally up and running too. Neither one of us is pleased with the quality of our display but so far it is tolerable (Indra is having problems raiding in WOW though). The problem is we don't need a new component so much as we need a whole new system and that isn't in the budget for a couple more years (lots of other more important things first). I am not sure Indra's computer is going to hold out that long. So referring back to the first paragraph anyone want to help us out?

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