Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy birthday to me

Today was my birthday, and while I wish I could report that is was a perfect day, it has been along time since I have had one of those, and never on my birthday. It is like my birthday is cursed. (I think last yr I did a similar rant so feel free to wander away)

I got a concussion one year, the year I decided to have a birthday party no one came (not even my cousins), I have had a birthday cake that was slightly scorched and tilted at a 45 degree angle, when I went to college my father didn't send me a birthday card or present until Xmas time, and then their is all the years I had angel food cake for my birthday because it was dads favorite (I am not a big fan of angel food, my favorite is chocolate or pie, I like pie).

This year has been about par for the course, not terribly bad but it still fell short of expectations. Starting with last night when it went from 80 degrees outside to 40, I woke up at some strange am freezing important bits. I was then woken up about 3 hours before I would have preferred cause someone was cold and hungry (let me give you a hint it wasn't me). Because of the cold miserableness I did not get the house work done I wanted, and the rain and weather has made my head ache all day.

On the plus side I did not have to work, I got 60 dollars for watching a friends cat while they are out of town, said to heck with everything and went shopping for me food (easy and tasty) so we had real french toast (made with french bread) and real maple syrup for brunch and for supper we are having cheese enchiladas and apple pie courtesy of the freezer section with vanilla and black walnut ice cream (the black walnut makes me very happy).

For presents a friend bought me a good rice cooker and I bout myself and icecream machine and recipe book. I found out that you can make a wish list on Target (I listed all the kitchen stuff I want) and that the company spotlight awards will work on and for things other than books at amazon (I did alot of window shopping).

Only three things left on my I don't need it but boy do I want it list, a good pasta machine, a Kitchen Aide mixer and an upright freezer. Right now I seam to be on a roll, who knows what I will have by this time next year (if you want to win major points with me the kitchen aide is the way to go, though the pasta machine would make my day (the kitchen aide would make my year)

FYI: my perfect birthday would be getting to sleep in, no house work (cause everything was already clean) and someone else cooking, Presents would be nice too with colorful paper and big bows.

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