Saturday, August 06, 2011

Fire! best excuse ever!

So I know I am always making excuses but honestly I have the best excuse ever this time. Fire!

For the 4th of july we had BBQ and a house fire, no relation. This resulted in us spending a week in hotels and a week at a friends before finding an apartment to live in so I could go back to earning a living.

All in all this has turned out to be for the best. We had not planned to move out until we had a car, but we are enjoying it being just the two of us again.

The down side is no stuff, the insurance company has all our belongings and has not got them back to us yet. :( also no car, and if friends and family aren't tired of us asking for rides I am sure they soon will be. The last issue is a set of stairs I have to haul things up when our furniture is released (or I get groceries). hot stairs. Hot steep stairs (cause the hot bears repeating.)

And did I mention that currently Texas is hotter than hells hinges (to quote one of Indra's news people) and honestly I don't want to even think about going outside.

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