Monday, August 15, 2011

the life and times of Me

We are slowly getting our stuff back, it sounds like tomorrow will be the big day. There will be bookcases and lots of other stuff I have been told. I am hoping for yarn, of course, and books.

In recent news Dot made a bold escape from the hotel room and remains at large, search parties are going out daily but if you see a rouge calico prowling around give Cyn a call.

Last week Cookie was missing, we assumed that he had succumbed to the allure of our second floor balcony and gone walkabout. We worried and looked for him but no Cookie. When we came home from doing laundry we found a sooty outline of a cat on our hearth and Cookie looking a little dingy. Turns out he was up the chimney. Plus we now have a clean flue, minus we had a very very dirty cat. He was not happy with the bath that followed.

Today my paycheck failed to appear for the second day in a row. This is not a happy thing. Called work, called the apartment and called the post office. No Joy, work can reissue my check on thursday and overnite it to me. once again I say Not happy. I had some not so evil plots I was using my money this week to finance, you know the kind involving chocolate? Hopefully it wil resolve itself soon.

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