Wednesday, April 23, 2008


from my DeviantArt Account.

Life got 'complicated' in 07. That's the best word for it really. Lots of drama and despair ending with more of the same (thankfully in a slightly lower key of miserableness.)

On the plus side is We still have the house, I have a computer that I can browse the Internet on at home, I am getting better at managing the money. I have finally seen the specialists about my sleeping and sinus problems, I have interest in buying my knitting patterns.

On the down side the usual, the house needs work I can't afford, The computer is a mac and we don't have Internet back on yet, There is not enough money to manage, the Dr didn't help, I don't have time to knit or the concentration to create patterns.

I could go on but you get the idea. I am stressed, depressed and very very tired. Not at all creative feeling.

We should be back in the house next week, with any luck I will start adding computer art since I no longer have access to a scanner. Until then my creative impulses are being channeled into painting the house, planting some flowers and other general decorating type things, basically making the house ours again after being gone 6 months.

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