Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Free! Free at last!!

It is official, Tax season is OVER! The last week and a half or more I have been working like crazy sleeping crappy and eating even worse. Consequently I have been a wee bit out of it, dragging bottom, strung out, not doing very well. SO no journaling, no thinking and no well anything, ask Indra if you don't believe me.

I am spending this week at the house cleaning in preparation to moving back in. I am missing Indra like crazy but on the plus side I am getting to sleep and feeling human again. It is nice, I could definitely get use to this sleeping thing. Which brings me to the quote for the day...
“Rest, now,” Martha said gently, seeing how tired the Doctor looked and diagnosing exhaustion. Luckily, the prescription for that was simple. Take two naps, and smash your alarm clock in the morning.

Besides cleaning the house I got lured in by the beautiful weather and did some gardening. I have decided, that since Dean is a little shaky on good plant vs bad weed, that I am going to plant things in groups and put metal stakes in the middle so he will stop mowing everything I plant. Hopefully it will work. I am getting tired of replanting the thyme. And as an additional bonus it gives me something to tie the sage and lavender too so they don't grow flat to the ground in self preservation.

I got to tell you I am loving the plants at Lowe's! They had Turnips! and Peas! and all sorts of goodies. I got Greek Oregano, Sweet Basil, Cinnamon Basil, German Thyme, Carolina Jasmine, English Peas (sweet), A white Rose bush that smells Divine and two surprises for Indra (that is a hint in case you read this) I did not however get the Turnips.

I love Turnips, always have, but I just couldn't see planting them in front of the house. No way I looked at it could I convince myself that Turnips were decorative. At all, In any way. And since I am doing all my planting at the front of the house that means no Turnips :(. If the peas work out though there will be more next yr and Sweet Peas (flower not edible). I really really want to finish the fence so I can put Raspberries in the back yard and I have been thinking of Peonies. Spring is definitely in the air.

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