Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Boo Hoo

I feel betrayed, I guess that is the right word, I spent alot of time and effort to make my haunted house but once again the people who won are the ones with money to spend. So this is the last yr I try. I am sore tired and depressed so you will have to wait for more pictures and entries.


A little Halloween joy! See what happens when I get bored? There will be more later as I attempt to catch up.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Do you see what I saw?

Today on the way to work I saw this billboard. according to a website I found who knows where, I quote....

After city officials proposed a police-enforced law against baggy and sagging pants last year, Dallas has unveiled a new, less severe plan to curb the popular fashion. According to Fox 4 Dallas, City Hall is starting a new advertising campaign aimed at getting residents to pull their pants up under the guise of an organization called "Hip-Hop Government." The campaign will consist of three different "Pullem' Up" billboards that bear the slogans "Don't Be Lame, Elevate Your Game," "Represent Yourself Like You Present Yourself," and "That's Not Hip-Hop That's Flip Flop." The first two billboards are scheduled to go up at the intersections of Interstate 45 and Lamar St., and Interstate 35E and Illinois Ave.

And from the ever wonderous Frog....

[10:33] the_love_frog: i remember when young seeing underwear = wedgie time
[10:33] the_love_frog: wonder when that stopped

for some reason this struck me as particularly profound. So I shared :)

Friday, October 26, 2007

and the ants went marching on....

please excuse this post, it will be a bit random. Firstly cause I feel like crap, secondly cause it has been a bit since I posted last and lastly because I feel like crap and it is impeding my thought process.

Have I mentioned I feel like crap? cause I do, and I don't like it. and my dr is a putz and if I had the time and money (not to mention energy) I would so be out of there and talking to someone else. The lump on my neck is worse, it hurts to turn my head and the bump is bigger / spreading. So far all the tests have come back negative, so the Dr called me yesterday to put me on an antibiotic. When I asked how soon it would start to work he told me if i had cat scratch fever it would be 4 to 5 weeks before I was better and if I had started taking the antibiotics last week like he wants me to I would be feeling better sooner. I opted for testing to know exactly what was wrong rather then the little of this little of that til something works approach and apparently this offended him. Jerk! And to top it off, even though the antibiotic doesn't say take with food, I threw up on the way to work this morning. :( most unhappy making.

On the puppy front Pugs are definitly indoor dogs. They over heat during the summer and as soon as it gets the least bit cold they are shaking themselves to pieces. potty training is going well, the don't eat strange things off the ground training is not going so well (lots of tummy trouble). Thank GOD! they have started sleeping through the night (or maybe that should be thank Indra). A week of getting woken at 5:30 am about killed me.

the Lisa sweater is coming along great. I got lots of pieces (at least it looks that way to me) and now I need to sew some together to see if I really need to make as many pieces as I am afraid I need to. My local LYS owner was an absolute wonder and traded me kitten advice and meds for yarn. I think I won out on that round. Thanks to Indra I have lots of pictures for Ravelry and I am even swapping some yarn already. I still need more yarn pictures but at least I have pictures of all my projects.

See project picture.....

though all the curliness makes me think I want a clothes steamer for xmas or my birthday. I'll have to see how the yarn lady does it before I make up my mind.

Friday, October 19, 2007


So last night I finally got some pictures up on Ravelry, which means you get knitting pictures!

Ain't they pretty?

I went to the Dr. on Wednesday, he said the lump on my neck is not a abscess but rather my lymph node. He thinks that the small bump at the base of my skull is the source of the 'infection' he thinks is the cause of my lymph node being a pain in the neck. So Monday I am having a needle biopsy done to see what exactly is going on. blech

I actually have this weekend off, well off from work. Which means I get to sleep in (not really the puppy needs to pee at 6:30) and relax and not do all the things on my list. Like laundry. I might also not be doing cleaning but we will have to see.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

when it rains

Behold the power of Puppy!

His name is Tank and he is absolutely adorable. I had forgotten how much energy babies have, He runs like crazy for a half hour and then takes an hours nap before getting up and running like crazy again. Oh the joys of being young.

last night on the way home I accidently ran over a curb and killed the car. It now only has drive, it 'drives' in reverse, it 'drives' in neutral and it 'drives' in park. :( very unhappy making for me who had plans to be back in our own place for Xmas and solvent. Looks like we will be staying longer then planned unless I suddenly get a brilliant idea to make everything better.

This morning I finnaly got some pictures taken of my knitting, just some but it is a start. I got plans, evil plans to get thos pictures up this week, I am tired of seeing the picture not available icon. Heck I might even post a couple of the pictures here.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Ok, in order, Indra finally noticed the lump on my neck, its been there about 3 weeks. When I see the Dr wed he will take a look at it, no clue what he will decide, but I probably won't like it.

I started my period and got the stupidest It guy ever at the same times, and let me tell you cramps and idiots do not mix. I have been reduced to banging my head in frustration. 3 hours, 3 hours and he still doesn't have a clue, and you know what really burns my butt? he gets paid more than I do!!!

Right now when, and yes it is a when, we get the pug puppy his name will be either Lucky or Barnabas. Contrary person that I am, I am voting for Barnabas (or Pickles).

I did get my car insurance taken care of. finally, and hopefully in time so i don't lose my licence. and I believe i can get the cats into the vet next week, along with me to the Dr and Indra some meds, after that. Nothing, I will be broke again, poor as a church mouse but with out all the charity.

I still have no pictures but that will be fixed soon, either Indra will do it this week or Sunday I will do it. And if i do it Sunday Indra will have to take care of herself and not be on the computer while I am home. Cause these things take time you know. (notice the subtle manipulation, threats and guilt trips)

And Lastly, the sweater for Lisa is coming along beautifully. I mean really beautifully. And hopefully there will be pictures soon to substantiate this claim.

Monday, October 08, 2007


I Got a computer!!! And a Filing Cabnit!!! granted the computer is a G4 and it has been a while since I have used a mac, but it will get me on the internet and eventualy I can play WOW. So all I need from my knitting list is the dress-makers dummy (cause you know not just any dummy will work) then lots and lots of yarn. mmmm yarn.

and maybe if you are lucky I will post again later today (or this week, I am still working on the posting more often thing)

Saturday, October 06, 2007

another day, another dollar

I think I have Ravelry envy. I have been browsing Ravelry and everybody else's knit items look so clean and pretty. I hope when I get photo's of mine up they look half as good. Speaking of that, me and the camera have a date this weekend, I will get pictures to show everyone.

Indra has said that since she is the one who reads my journal and she doesn't knit that all this mention of Ravelry without an explanation has confused her. And yes she did figure out it was a knitting site, thank you very much. So I showed her, I don't think she really understands how exciting this is for me but at least she understood enough to know I need more pictures. :)

So for Indra here is some non-Knitting news. It is expensive being poor. Late fee's, overdrafts, and just plain living take alot of money, which if you were following the conversation I don't have alot of. I did another 'budget' for lack of a better term. It confirms what I already knew. We are broke. I am thinking the best Xmas gift this yr is money, and lots of it.

So Indra and I are going to have to live frugally. Easier for me then her unfortunately. And I don't want to even contemplate how badly I can screw up. I am bad at this kind of thing and I can't afford to be. It scares me.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Knitters at Large

Here is my first post to my group 'Knitters at Large'...
Welcome to the group. My name is Temperance. I started this group for ideas and help. I have a couple sweaters I have been wanting to start but the short row shaping required to fit me right (and the lack of pictures of real people wearing the designs) has been putting me off. Well that and being in Texas, 8 months out of the yr. the word sweater makes me sweat.

Lately (starting with the Big Girl Knits book) I have thought that maybe I could make a sweater I would actually knit and that would look good on me.

So what are you knitting? What do you want to knit?

and my second post (kinda)...
Thanks, I had seen those groups and joined the Bust line group (might join the fluffy group too). I wanted a group that focused on style and patterns, not techniques, socializing or a book (which while good doesn't have nearly enough in it). Maybe I need to rewrite the discription to better express that.

Lots of patterns can be knit to a larger size unfortunately alot of them leave you looking like a sauage or if they are loose you have no shape at all. I wanted a place where people could post about patterns they found that looked good on them and if they took an existing pattern but altered it what they did to make it fit and flatter them. Such as the Askew that Earthwhisper did with the additional bust shaping, I would never have thought would look that good on someone with curves.

Raveled and frazzled

My Ravelry invite came on Friday; while I was home sick with some virus. That meant it was Monday before I had a chance to go online and explore and since work was busy I didn't even get to do much of that. At this rate Saturday will be the earliest I will have a chance to really do anything besides look at the pictures (they are very nice pictures however). And I never did get around to getting pictures taken to load up.

I am really thinking that what I want is my own computer. that way I am not trying to crowd everything I want to do into the little time I have while Indra is else where.

Ok I got distracted by work before I could post this so I am going to add a little more and then post it...

I spent the last two days exploring Ravelry. I have added items to my queue, selected some favorites, uploaded a picture for my profile, and started a group. I am particularly proud of the last two.

I really really want to start post more journal entries, and I want to get profiecient with pictures and links so I can make my journal more exciting. Part of my problem with that is since I only post at work finding the time to find said links and images and then put them in a post. I do my actual journaling in editpad so I don't have to worry about time outs and unexpected crashes but I can't do that with pictures. one more reason to get my own computer.

I also want to knit more I really need to find the time and space for it. it kind of goes with the posting more, I just don't have the time energy or attention span. :( I am hoping that modern pharmacuticals can help. maybe steal some of Indra's ritalain