Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Act 2, scene 1

May was a disaster that appears to be moving into act 2.

The car broke again Friday. And so I am having another long weekend. If I am lucky I will be back to work Thursday. It is going to take another 200$ to fix the car. I have taken out all the loans I can. I know of no one who has money they could loan me. And if they did I have no idea how or when I could pay them back.

Also On Friday I was told that the rapidly spreading burning itching swollen rash on my inner thighs (where my short legs had hit me on sat) was definitely an allergic reaction to something, maybe poison ivy, and that the solution was a cream applied twice daily and plastic bags taped over it 'to keep it moist'. Also an ice pack between my legs helped some.

Also while I was at the Dr she took a look down my throat. I apparently suffer from Tonsilliths, like monoliths but in your tonsils, also called tonsil stones. Two things about them, they make your breath reek, and they irritate the hell out of my tonsils.

So to recap feel horrible, poor and stinky. Doesn't look like Act 2 is going to end very well for me.

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