Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I have been busy, As usual it is a mixed bag.

I got a new computer, this one actually works and can run WOW. the computer is a 03 Dell, but it was so clean inside you would have thought it was factory fresh, I almost took a picture. It has been 4 years since I have had my own computer, and that is a sad thing for a techie. So having a computer is very good news for me. It needs a memory upgrade rather desperately and the mouse still has balls (oh the horror!). but the processor is good and it feels sooo good to be able to get online at home and not have to share with Indra.

The code to upload images to my forum is still not working and no one on PunBB site has given me any suggestions. I had hoped to be able to sit down this weekend and figure it out, but no such luck. This really frustrates me. It should be so easy. And it is hard to get people to participate when things don't work right.

I have been really enjoying my food blogging, and not only because of the good food (or the very pretty pictures of other's food). I have enjoyed the process of making things. Since Indra has so many food Issues I tend to go for the tried and true, not to mention easy. I have missed real food and now I am rediscovering the joy of cooking.

Due to car problems last month Money is still tight enough to make the extras I want to buy a bad idea (though I will admit to buying some of it anyway.) If I can hold out another month and a half and get one of my knitting patterns sold we should be ok. Right now that feels like a very big gamble.

Since I am cooking more and spending more time in the kitchen my housekeeping has improved. I am keeping up with the dishes for the most part. And in an effort to keep the dog from eating things he shouldn't the floor has been kept pretty picked up. I don't think I have kept up with the house keeping this well for more years then I am willing to admit. I am sort of perversely proud.

We have flies, the flies are driving Indra crazy and then crazier. I am blaming the dog door being broken. but either way I do not know how to make them go away. Shoo Fly! Shoo!, just doesn't seem to be working. I am going to have to take a look at the fly trap we have this weekend.

I Finished my swatch for the Slow Bee Mystery Shawl and received the first clue. I even finished casting on the 181 stitches it requires and winding my yarn into balls instead of cones. If I manage to find some time to knit before Friday I may even be ready when they release the next clue. I am justifying knitting lace instead of working on my patterns by not sorting through all my paper for my notes, because A. it is too hot and B. I don't know where they are, and C. organizing my paper is a big job and I don't have the energy. I have a feeling these excuses aren't going to last for long.

In general despite difficulties my life isn't half bad. I really don't know what I would do with a stress free life, not that I wouldn't like to try. I have My Indra and all the rest is gravy.

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