Sunday, June 08, 2008


I got Loot! Lots of glorious loot. I am all about the loot. The only bad thing is it isn't free loot, no ransacking involved. :( Still it is CHEAP loot and that is almost as good.

Yesterday was our city wide garage sale, and I managed to hook up with the Queen of all garage salers. She shops like I play WOW. Look another one, and over there two more, I know I can't carry anymore but there is another one, and it is after lunch, but we haven't checked that out yet. This is my LYS owner. She is about a foot shorter then me and was wearing high heels and I still couldn't keep up. And to add insult to injury I was dripping wet and she was as cool as a cucumber. It was great!

I spent 60 bucks, I had only planned on spending 30, but then again I hadn't planned on spending 5 hours shopping either. As you can see I got some great stuff (my Flickr will have it all labeled), the best buys were the chair for 20 (Indra has claimed it and it is off limits to me and the dog), the two lamps for 5 (best part is they use regular light bulbs), the ceramic lined roasted for .50 and the sink Mandolin that was brand new still in packaging for 1.

I also got this and have once again been labeled Dumb Ass by Indra. Apparently my manager handing me a bottle of sunscreen at work on Thursday should have been a hint that I am one of the truly pale people and need protected from the evil day star. I told Indra that as a hint went it was a little to subtle for me.

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