Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dear Diary...

Every so often I swing by The Anti-Craft to see what is new. This time it was Bacon Angels. You got to love the creativity of some people.

I have been busy this week, When I wasn't working I have been trying to figure out why my forum isn't taking the new code to allow me to upload images to posts. so far I haven't cracked it yet. If I don't figure it out this weekend I may have to look into alternatives. Which quite honestly, would suck.

I have also been trying to make up for the cleaning I didn't do Sunday, I think I finally broke even last night which is good it means I can knit tonight and go shopping tomorrow and not end up to far in the hole come Saturday.

Yesterday Cookie Caught a lizard and drug it inside to play with. I always feel bad for their victim but as I told Indra it is just cats being cats and I am not going to punish them for it. On the other hand I am also not going to pick up any remains until after they stop moving. cause ICK!, just Ick! ::shudders::

I figured out why my face was breaking out so bad, the comforter I had on my bead has to much texture and was rubbing my face raw at night. I changed to just a plain sheet and my face is already getting better. I am very relieved because I was afraid it was my glasses causing the problem.

The evil Git gave me a computer, It would be a really good computer except for 2 things, it only had 128 mb of memory and the video card was an generic onboard one from Intell. Which means until I find the right driver I have a screen resolution of 640 X 720 and 4 colors. with luck though I will be online with my own computer by this weekend.

PS: I promised Indra when her father dies I will spank her and make her eat steak. Apparently this will make her feel better. And people think I am strange.

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