Friday, June 27, 2008


I love Steven Colbert he is almost a good enough reason to get cable. Recently he showed up with some 'facial damage' and an unwillingness to share the origin of the damage. Colbert has claimed it could have happened by smashing watermelons with his head or by "practicing for a walk-on role in Cirque du Soleil and overestimating the number of French Canadians my forehead would support."

So while my sympathies go out to him, I got to ask 'French Canadians'? Why French ones?

Speaking of face damage I have some of my own, after swapping the comforter that was causing me so much problems out for another I slipped up this week and used Indra's blanket. Now my face is once again a mess and that makes me want to scratch and rub til it feels better (I may convince her to take a picture tomorrow). What I really need is a well loved quilt worn to satin smoothness, cause ALL the modern bed coverings have to much texture for me, or the thread count is to low. :( UPDATED: This picture was take three days after I relized what my problem was imagine it all swollen red and abraded.

Amazingly the baking and knitting groups I have joined appear to be doing good things for my stress levels. Which is good, because normally I would be comatose with stress right now. Instead I am looking forward to this weekend. I keep making the money stretch but pretty soon now it is going to all snap back in my face. It won't be pretty. Nope, not at all.

I need to bake bread this weekend and Indra has pointed out that while I mention my food blog I have been remiss in giving people a handy dandy link on the side. If you will look to your left you will see I fixed that. :) I also have alot of food blogging to do, And knitting, I am already 1 week behind in my KAL, and trust me that is alot of knitting. Lastly I need pictures of me, the food, the knitting, and who knows maybe the random pet.

That doesn't even get into the cleaning I need to do this weekend and the budgeting I am dreading, absolutely dreading. So I think I am going to be a bit busy.

Some days I really wish I could get an even break, I don't need millions of dollars I would just like to start in the black. I don't need everything handed to me, I am willing to work hard for what I get. But I would like the basics, A bed that doesn't sag, shoes that aren't falling apart, a car that isn't racing my bank balance to destruction (I'll give you a hint, the car usually wins). And maybe most importantly I want to be able to go to the right drs and get the right meds with out it being a choice between our health and our bills.

I do need time to knit and pretty needles and lots more yarn. I need, really really need a Kitchen Aid mixer (with flames down the side). I need a walk in Pantry and a Freezer (a BIG! freezer) and I wouldn't mind some refrigerator drawers for produce. I need a Dress Makers Dummy, and a selection of fabrics. And I need a miniature pony, I'm not kidding, it can wear little shoes to protect the floor and sleep in the bath tub, and I will name it Pickles.

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