Thursday, March 06, 2008

Ain't we got fun

Here is the entry you didn't get yesterday...

I was in a great mood all day. I had enough sleep the weather was beautiful, after the snow monday night Wed reached a balmy 70 degrees of sun and gentle breezes. I got to work and unloaded my stash of scrap yarn for more bunnies and it sent me into a yarngasm. All those pretty colors and textures were mine all mine. I have absolutely no idea what I am going to do with all these bunnies but I am having fun making them. And then it only got better. MORE yarn came by mail! I was bouncy and singing and my co workers were running scared! it was glorious!

There is enough money in the bank, barely kinda whatever, And so I am going car shopping this weekend. While I would absolutely love a mini cooper, there is no way it is in the budget, it is just too new. So I have made a list of requirements, in order of importance.

1. It must be reliable
2. It should cost between 300 and 500 down with payments between 100 and 200.
3. It should be fuel effecient
4. I need air conditioning (since we live in TX)
5. Since it does occasionaly get cold Heat would be nice too.
6. I would love something that wasn't old enough to drink. heck anything under 10 yrs old would be wonderful.
7. And lastly it would be nice if it was pretty.

Now after the stupendous day yesterday we have today. Also a good day, but unfortunately colder. Much colder. Winter storm advisory cold, sleet at the moment but ice soon cold. Soooo I will most likely get sent home early and may not be in tomorrow! I have always loved snow days.

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