Sunday, March 30, 2008

Oops I did it again...

I missed updating this week despite composing several entries in my head driving to and from work. I had a bumper sticker to share 'Save the Planet, More Trees, Less Bush!' and a billboard, 'I am so over you Sarah Marshall', I was disapointed to find out it was an ad for a movie and not a more personal statement.

It was a rough week though, long hours not enough sleep and way to much stress. I will be so happy to get back to our own place. So let me give you the quotes I had picked out in honor of the new car and the old one not dying yet...
Xander quickly pulled over, as his engine made noises that he didn't know were possible without an extensive special budget and George Lucas being involved.
“Okay, then,” Dawn agreed, “Floor this thing.”
“This is Giles’ car, Dawn,” Xander sighed.
“Would leaning forward help?”

I finally got the pictures of my pouch (sounds better then purse) uploaded and thought I would share it. It is almost perfect. I would like the strap to be a little shorter and am thinking of reinforcing the bottom and sides so it isn't quite do pouch like. Ain't it purty though?

Also added today (why yes I have been busy) are some more links on the left.

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