Sunday, March 02, 2008


Ok so apparently I am warped cause consensus says I am the only one who saw a hairy boob. In my defense I beleive the word Breast was part of my image search (I was looking for a knitting pattern, don't remember which one now).

So another question What kind of person that has a liscence plate number of SUBARU and drives a Chevy? Some days the drive to work can be quite entertaining. For instance they changed all the hockey signs to Baseball signs and there is a new one that says 'Souvenir is French for Foul Ball'. It always makes me smile.

I have been knitting Easter egg cozies, they are fun and adorable and there will be pictures soon. But the reason I brought it up is I made one of them with recycled angora and why did no one ever tell me how wonderful this stuff is. It is almost orgasmic to knit with I swear.

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Eight Lives Left said...

No, you aren't warped. I saw a hairy boob, too, and it took me close to a minute to decipher the picture and realize what it really was. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.