Thursday, March 13, 2008

How do you rate?

Indra sent me this link yesterday 'Rate Your Blog' I was PG-13 yesterday and G today. I really didn't think I had changed that much over night but obviously I was wrong.

Have I mentioned recently how great my friends are? I don't have many but the ones I do have are really really good. For example Frog and Lisa took us in and our three cats, two bunnies and a parrot for 6 months. Now thats good friends! And now Clay and Lisa are selling us a silver 97 Nissan Sentra for 700 dollars! Happy Unbirthday to me!!!! (the best part is I don't have to go shopping on Sunday)

Thought I would share this little tidbit from earlier today. Darn her she is right way to often.
[11:56] temperama: You did it again btw
[11:56] indra: what?
[11:56] temperama: I started my period today
[11:56] indra: i did what again?
[11:56] indra: *rolls eyes* i did not start your period for you
[11:56] temperama: It annoys the snot out of me when you blame my emotions on hormones and then annoys me more when you are right
[11:57] indra: rofl
[11:57] indra: sorry baby you are irrational all on your own but i KNOW those irrational bits of you and can pick out the hormone driven addons

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