Tuesday, March 11, 2008

In No Particular order...

I worked both days this weekend (and both days last weekend) and I will admit it is getting to me and I really need some down time (I have Sunday off). The was unable to go car shopping this weekend because Lisa got sick (and I worked) so that will be this coming weekend. I am actualy kind of hoping for Saturday rather then Sunday.

We were talking about the price of food this weekend at work. I said if I was paying 11 buck for a meal it had better include Indra and kissing. Brenden made a comment about it being a cheap date. I of course pointed out the by the time you add in drinks desert and a movie for two it wasn't that cheap. Besides Indra Loves me I can get kisses for McDonalds, and she hates McDonalds. A couple other guys agreed with me and poor Brendon was reminded of his status as a single guy.

NPR has a show called Radio Lab that I love! Saturday the show was about laughter. What I found interesting was this story about a laughing epidemic on the shores of Lake Victoria. Well that and the fact that most of the time we laugh it isn't because of something funny accourding to studies. Apparently laughing is a social que that translates in part to look at me being all non threatening, playful and safe. Which explains why it is so creepy when a bad guy laughs.

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