Thursday, May 29, 2008

Drama Queen

This weekend was long, and work has been busy and eventually I'll stop apologizing for not posting regularly. But I wouldn't hold my breath.

Quite litterly this weekend was long. I left work early Friday because a co-worker handed me free tickets to the musical 'Ring of Fire' 3 hours before it started. Luckily my boss let me go and we got there as there were calling 3 minutes to closing the doors. Indra and I enjoyed it greatly, if for no other reason then we were together and we liked the music. For the record it was not a play or even a musical it was what I would call a revue, lots of music very little talking and almost no plot. still good though.

On the way home though is when the real drama started. In a bad part of Dallas my car started making grumbly grinding sounds and flashing the oh no your in trouble light. I ignored those lights just once in my life and had to get a new engine. And contrary to popular opinion I do learn from my mistakes. So I pulled over immediately. At this point it is 11pm on a Friday night every one I knew was either asleep, not answering their phone or more then an hour away. I checked with the convenience store clerk where we stopped and they said even if I had parked in front if I left the car unattended it would not be in one piece when I returned.

I need my car. I like my car. And I couldn't afford a tow all the way home. So I tried a sorta friend more of acquaintance co-worker and got lucky. Since the car was still working, sorta. and I couldn't see anything under the hood that shouted I'm going to explode I decided to see how far north I could get before it truely died. I wanted to get at least to a safer part of town. as luck would have it I got all the to Mckinney before it stopped and parked it in the hospital parking lot. The next morning I called our car guy and he went to get it. And more drama ensues as the part he needs isn't in stock anywhere it is late Saturday and the earliest he can get it is Tuesday. Not alot of choice there, so Tuesday it was.

You know those 4 days with out a car were some of the best I have had in a long time. I got almost all of the chores on my list done (close enough for me), kept up with the dishes, got plenty of sleep, did some baking and dyed some yarn. The only down spots were a slight worry about where the 300$ for the car was coming from and if the little grocery shopping I had done would be enough (I had to get creative but nobody died so it is all good).

Wednesday came and I headed back to work to discover I was missed and we were very very busy and that soon I am going to be even busier as I am getting another product to support. And the possibility that the hated manager would be back. SO I have been busy and that is why I haven't posted anything recently, well that and cause Indra hogs the computer.

And that was my weekend folks.
I have some more pictures to take and then I will post about dyeing my yarn. I did bake and posted on my food blog, High on the Hog. I decided that it is going to be a real blog and not just a place to link to, so now you have two places to read for me, lucky you.

I found an artist that I absolutely love! Andy Goldsworthy is a artist naturalist, environmentalist and genius. So I thought I would share, I would suggest a Google image search to start with. He is well worth the effort.

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bethany said...

oh, these pics are so fun!!
did you do the art??

thanks for visiting, and for the name squat for a is perfect!