Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Rain Rain go away

It started raining last night and is still going this morning, it is making my head all muzzy and I am a tad chilly. It is making me crave soup or good old fashioned home cooking. I made Swiss Steak last week and it sounds delicious right now. What I really want though is a thick stew with lots of meat and veggies and nice crusty bread to go with it. I am not sure what I am actualy going to end up with, it probably depends on how I feel when I get home.

I've spent the last couple days playing with my food blog (must put link on side panel) and browsing various goodness, but the weather today is just dragging me down. I need to do some research for my knitting patterns and just don't have the concentration. So I am being a bit Random. As a plus I found this goody, Flogos!

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