Monday, May 12, 2008

Poor Old Micheal Finnegan..

Ok good stuff first. Best is this lovely tree with a rose bush growing up through it. It was simply beautiful. Indra wants one and I am seriously thinking I would like to recreate it as well. Think how pretty it would be growing up through an evergreen! (for more images check out my Flickr account)

Continuing on the rose theme is the Fudgy Chocolate Layer Cake I made for Clay's Lisa's Birthday party on Sunday. The cake is by me and the rose is a minicake from Kroger since my decorating skills are negligible. I used a recipe from one of my favorite books and while Indra said it was great I found it a little dense and dry though the frosting is lovely. Everyone else seamed to like it so I guess it was a success even if it goes on my don't do again list.

Now for the bad news, My payday loan went thru and left us almost broke, then John cashed the rent check for April and left us in the red and there is still the rent check for May to go through. And even with another Payday loan (which I really can't afford) that second rent check isn't going to go unless Indra's tax rebate is bigger and sooner then expected. In theory at the end of that month I should get a bonus of about 600, that will definitely help and I was hoping would put us back in the black but I am not holding my breath at the moment.

In the not so bad news Wednesday is definitely expecting and looking at her I expect her to drop at any moment, which means probably in the next three weeks since she is a little kitty and probably showing early.

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