Thursday, May 15, 2008

Kits, Kats, Sacks and Wives

More browsing of food blogs has left me feeling insuffecient. And made me want all sorts of things so I can make goodies of my own. Like Marshmallow's and cakes and pie and salady things. I want a budget, darn it, that has room for good eats. I want a life that has time to do 'Tuesdays with Dorrie' and the umpteen other cook alongs I have found. On the other hand I made smoked tuna cassrole last night, it was easy, I just turned the heat up and scorched the tuna helper a little. Haute Cuisine or bad cook, your call.
But that was for the future. He laughed as he thought of something to do tonight. Maybe they would go out and mutilate some crops and form the cattle into circles. That would confuse the humans!

Wensday's pregnancy has been called into question it is a possibility that the slight chubbyness is the result of good food and a safe home rather then Kittens. This has caused mixed feeling at our house. Kittens are cute and cuddely unfortunately they grow up to be cats.

California has declared it inconstitutional to ban gay marriage. I am sure tonight Indra will be all excited about that and want to know if there is someway we can go to California to be married. I am already married and don't need a piece of paper to prove it, and really it actually kind of offends me that I have to go to anouther state to get said piece of paper. All in all it reminds me of my mantra 'People are stupid', makes me kinda irritated.

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