Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Funny Face

Yep, its been that kind of day and week. And I gotta tell you it is still better then tax season. I still want a do over, but you know with my luck I would do even worse the second time around.

Work is still busy, busier then tax season for the most part, but still less stressful. House work is slowly getting completed, and I think Indra and I are both happy with where we are heading. She has started cooking with me and I am enjoying that. She has also said she will help me find the time to get my knitting patterns written up to sell and format them all pretty like. Indra rocks!

I have still not got the mac set up, apparently I need a mac keyboard, cause the normal one I had typed funny (though that could have been the Dr Pepper Indra spilled on it). I really really want to get it running, I miss being able to browse and type at home.

My craft room is going to be great once I am done in there it is already a soothing place to read (or whatever) I need to get storage arranged though so I don't have a stack of boxes anymore for the dog to 'find' things in. It will also give me more floor space to play with. I already have some ideas for 'decorating' but they will have to wait, I have alot of other house to clean first.

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