Friday, May 16, 2008

National Bad Idea Day

This morning on the way into work KERA had a commentary about how May 18th should be National Bad Idea day. Not only did this make a better post heading then I'm an idiot it made me think about some of the bad ideas in I have had as well as those of others.

My current bad idea was rubbing a possibly poisonous plant on my arm to see if it was poisonous when I am very sensitive to such things. I now have a rash on my arm, not only where I rubbed the leaves but crawling the rest of the way up my arm, despite washing thoroughly right after application. I think the plant was poisonous.

Indra was definitely a good Idea but some of the things I let her talk me into were definitely Bad Ideas. Lets just say Rick and Sarah and leave it at that.

But really when I stop and think there aren't that many major decisions I would change and chances are I would have the same bad ideas the second time around.

This is just to good not to share. 'Dogs in Elk' was sent to me years ago and it still makes me howl in laughter.

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