Friday, May 09, 2008

I is for...

I is for Indra and I. Font Informal Roman.

Indra and I were handfasted on December 20, 1998. She is the most Important thing in my life. I could not Imagine life with out her. She is Intelligent, Irascible and Impressively Intuitive. I was Intrigued by her and her Ingenuity Immediately. And while at times she can be a tad Immature (who am I kidding, alot Immature) she has Improved my life Immeasurably. In short, I love her with all my being. So it will be Indra and I for eternity. (she may even forgive me for posting a picture of her in an Immodest corset)


Ina said...

Great portraits!

Wants a cracker said...

gorgeous! thank you.

Hi to Indra.

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