Wednesday, January 30, 2008

looking for a silver lining

I am mightily peeved with the car situation. Once again I thought I had everything ready to go and I was thwarted, by an evil government conspiracy! Evil, I say! Apparently The car was registered in Fannin county where the lucky people don't do emissions testing. So I have to get the car inspected so it can pass the emissions test before they will transfer the title. It is almost enough to make me go straight so I could tell some man it is his job to take care of the darn car!

To top off this badness Indra's computer is heading down hill fast. We are not sure what it is but it is giving her blue screens of death periodically through out the day (about once an hour). So this weekend in my copious free time I get to dig around in computer innards to find out what needs replaced. I just hope it is something cheap.

And... My elf shoe toe is just not pointing. I have tried several different things and started multiple times to no avail. I even resorted to browsing Ravelry for ideas, I was not reassured when I saw what currently is available in pointy toes. It was sad, and I will do better. Unfortunately I have a deadline I need to figure it out this weekend so I can send it in.

Goodness is just around the corner though. (see above: pick axe cosy pictures). And I have my kismet lace pattern mostly figured out (including what yarn to use). I have decided socks are my next project until I get a better handle on short rows, cause currently they are giving me a headache. And hey, Socks, everyone needs socks right? Though I have been seriously contemplating doing some quick fingerless gloves for work here one day when I am not so sinusy.

I am really looking forward to getting my glasses. I am hoping it will help with the headaches and itchy dry eyes. Sides I picked out cool glasses besides using my favorite frames for computer glasses. The big problem is going to be keeping the animals from playing with them and me from loosing / stepping on them.

Monday, January 28, 2008

picking up where I left off

I am blind. Its true I went to the optician this weekend and my eyes (or rather my left eye) is rather significantly blinder then my last appointment 2 yrs ago. I was at a -7 for both eyes, now the right is 7.25 and the left is 9.25.

Now for a bit of randomness. From my wonderful lovely and talented Indra comes this gem... If I want a man I will call Dean (our handyman, or 'Husband for Hire' as we call him) or read a romance novel. I told her I didn't think Dean did those kind of house calls.

Also from the love of my life comes my blogs new look, doesn't she just spoil me? I love my template.

Linda sent cereal home Saturday and I seriously considered eating a bowl of each kind last night. But I was good, and waited til this morning to have a bowl of Captain Crunch (I use to eat a bowl every morning duringUpward Bound). Tonight I am going to have Honey Nut Cheerios. I am in cereal heaven!

Speaking of food, I was eating oven toasted garlic bread with tomato and boiled egg on it seasoned with a little garlic salt and a co-worked said it was disgusting and he had to go before he threw up. What is the world coming too, it wasn't even one of my odder combinations.

And finally these are just two good not to share Luna's Hubby and Larceny Lechery and Luna Lovegood. Two great Luna / Harry fics.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Cutie Pie

Linkage today cause I got stuff that is just too good not to share. Like these Knit Cupcakes, or the Eglu from Omlet, even the names are cute. And then there are gems like this.. The daily Coyote. Of Course we can't forget the King of cute, Cute Overload!

The weather is miserable, Indra is miserable and I am not happy about either situation. I am making remarkable progress on Celebration (secret project for Lisa) it is soooo pretty! (pictures on flickr) And I finally got pictures of my Pick Axe cosy to upload tomorrow. And I think perhaps the best thing is I will have Saturday evening to myself! I am really really looking forward to that. Oh and eye appointment on Sat so pictures of me with my favorite glasses soon.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Star Light, Star Bright

Heather said she saw Starla last night. I want to believe her, really I do. But this is the same person that can't tell Cookie and Samantha apart. Cookie is male and has white toes and front and the longest tail I have ever seen. Samantha, on the other hand, is female, pure black and has no tail. Granted Heather isn't around that much and when the cats are curled up it is hard to see feet and tails. SO, did she really see Starla? I don't know but I am going to keep my eyes open and hope like all hell she shows up.

I really wish we had more pictures of our pets. But neither Indra or I are the picture taking type usually (we go through spurts). It doesn't help any that the puppies are so wiggly and that we tend towards black cats. It is nearly impossible to get a good picture of a black cat with a crappy little camera like we have and indoor lights.

All this talk about pet pictures and the luscious images on the blogs I visit has made me want my own little Flickr photo thing on the side of my blog and maybe some links to favorite places. I have looked and can't figure it out though. :( suckage. My lovely template comes from Indra and I adore it. But I am thinking maybe I should think about changing. Maybe something green.....

Monday, January 21, 2008

Tickle me pink.

Saturday night Indra and I went to Halfprice Books and got loot! I got 'Why Paint Cats' as opposed to 'Why Cats Paint'. I absolutely adore it, I have carried it around the last two days to show everyone. Snopes says its a Hoax. Me, I'm not sure, Cause I am pretty sure if there wasn't before there is now. I Know If I had access to some neutralized or organic peroxide my black cats would be decorated.

Ok, I have googled all day. And the lack of anything resembling confirmation leads me to believe it is a hoax. And you know what this makes me sad. And somehow a little disappointed that the world isn't as magical as I thought.

Vindication! it may not be pretty patterns but it sure sounds colorful.

Saturday, January 19, 2008


On the way to work this morning I saw a bumper sticker I thought was particularly apt. Someone that is Smarter for President. It is so true. that is all I really want, someone who is smarter for President.

This morning seemed to be my day to be amused as I received this little gem in my mailbox. (I signed up for freecycle in the interests of a balanced budget)
Recycling oneself (or friends/husband) is, I'm afraid, not allowed. There are many fine Internet sites better suited to this purpose. Recycling kids is not on the menu either, no matter how crazy they make you sometimes!

Isn't it good I am so easily amused?

B is for Beautiful

B is for Blossom and Betty sister designs, Font is Bradley Hand ITC, These are the first items I designed myself

This is my B picture for the ABC along I signed up for. I loved the way Blossom turned out and plan to make some alterations and give her a brother, Bud before I share the patterns. She is meant to be used for those first newborn pictures, something fancy and impractical that makes the baby that much more adorable. forget stocking caps and onsies, This is the way to go!

Friday, January 18, 2008

The Secret of Cozies!!!

I have discovered the secret of the Cozy. It is not hideous acrylic yarn in garish colors it is RUFFLES! You know I am finding this whole Pick axe cozy thing fun. I may have to make more cozies so I can explore the relationship between gaudy acrylic yarns and ruffles that produce kitchy goodness. I think next it will be a mailbox cozy.

Last night I stopped by Whole Foods for Esther. That place is Evil! Evil I tell you. They greeted me with a blast of hot air that smelled Divine and then led me on a merry chase through aisles of overpriced specialty goods I would love to try. I mean come on, grind your own peanut butter? its just too much. And then there is their whole bakery/bistro/food thing. It was 8:30 at night I was starved. I managed to get away with just a slice of BBQ chicken pizza, but Damn was it GOOOOD! There was crispy bacon on it and melty cheese and real onion bits. and none of it tasted like it came from the supermarket produce section. I also got a sample of Turkish delight, I have been curious about it for a while but unwilling to pay 10 bucks a pound. It was good, and the lemon sugar was nice but not worth the money in my book.

Some where in all the talking Esther and I did last night I realized I had graduated from caretaker to enabler where Indra is concerned. Not a happy realization, but with any luck I will be over this phase soon. Make me wonder what role is Indra playing in my life?

I have been browsing Ravelry this week and I am scared. Cause I live in Texas most sweaters just don't look like they are worth the time to knit. And I am not a shawl type person, have no children and refuse to knit for the dog. All that leaves is socks, and I don't wanna be a sock knitter! Not that I have anything against socks. Socks can be quite nice but it is like knitting nothing but scarves for the rest of your life. I would go crazy! (well crazier). I am thinking Lace might be a good thing to knit especially if I get involved with the SCA like Esther and I have been talking about. I think though I just need to move somewhere cooler.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Winter wonderland

It was and is COLD. Darn Cold in fact. And more then a bit windy. I was not happy this morning. I was cold, I stopped to get gas and opted to pay inside so I could warm my hands over their hot dogs and other assorted hot foods. It made me wonder how fast I could knit a ski mask or a nose warmer at the very least. I didn't get warm til I got to work and got a hot chocolate from the cafeteria, it was made with steamed milk and was really more like hot milk with a hint of chocolate, but boy was it good. Next time I need marshmallows though.

I had plenty of time since I didn't get to register the car (get to try to do that again tomorrow) so I stopped by Lowes to measure their pickaxes. On the way out I browsed there garden department, they had all their stuff out for spring planting. It made my fingers itch to buy things to plant, never mind that it was freezing outside and I am a lousy gardener. They had Peonies and Raspberries and all sorts of lovelies. And I love Peonies and Raspberries and have never been able to find them in Texas before. But I was strong and resisted temptation.

Today has been slow at work so I have spent time browsing Flickr and Ravelry. Random searches are great things. they let me find things like this series of pictures. Zoo Keeper Says. All these images, funny and otherwise, really make me wish I was better with a camera so I could share the things I see with others.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tuchus, cause its fun...

Tomorrow is going to be a very long day. I have to get up at 6 so I can go register the car. then head over to work. After work I am taking Esther shopping for groceries. If I am lucky I will be home before 11. :( I am not looking forward to it.

I am not anywhere near where I want to be budget wise and it is making me unhappy. This whole budget thing has me on edge. So I have resolved that things will change. I am not sure on the how, exactly, but the when is now. I am resisting my urges to buy non essentials really hard. And Saturday I am opening another bank account and a savings account. then I am automatically depositing 500 from every paycheck in the pay bills account and the rest goes to living expenses and extra. I will of course re-evaluate this when I have time to look at the actual money but not right now.

Now for some happier thoughts. so far the whole new yr resolution thing is going well. Last night Indra looked so pretty with a pink tuchus.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Acrylic Blech!

Ok so here it is the very rare knitting post. I have started knitting on my Pick Axe cozy. In the interest of money (and bright colors) I went with Red Heart Acrylic. And I am here to tell you it is horrible stuff. All plasticy and harsh. very blechy and icky and just plain old disgusting. I can't imagine why someone would willingly knit with this stuff. ::shivers::

apparently my usage of the word disappointing in my last post needs explanations, I am not disappointed in what I receive, I am actually disappointed before I even receive anything. Perhaps disappointed isn't the best word, but it is the only one I can think of. I just don't like gifting occasions.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

this n that

I wore my shirt inside out all day yesterday and no one said anything, not even my lovely Indra. It was a button up so they can't even use the excuse it looked the same both ways. I would like to say I would have noticed, but you know I am not sure.

I have decided to reduce my stress levels by telling everyone not to give me presents for Xmas or my birthday. To quote Indra if I don't expect anything I can't be disappointed. More importantly I don't have to worry about where the money is coming from. Not to say people can't get me things, I like things, just not for my Birthday or Xmas. It really really will help my stress levels.

Did you know that a handful of tinfoil will scrape that frost right off your windshield with out making your hands all cold and wet?

Tax season is officially here, overtime and all. So it is time to say adios to any chance at a life. I am not ready for this, actually make that sooo not ready. :(

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

that age old problem

I am getting old. My knee has started creaking, I am getting wrinkles, Everyone around me is getting younger all the time, And food I use to love gives me indigestion (Ie: I am farting more). I am to young to be old, I don't like this. And I am not sure what to do about it. I still feel like I should be 20 something not 30 something and isn't 30 something to young to be old? I should be hitting my stride not getting set in my ways. So I want to lodge a formal protest to whoever is in charge of these things. Just because I knit does not mean I am granny material quite yet.

Spell with Flickr

Monday, January 07, 2008

A is for Apple

A is for Apple, Font is Algerian, Apple Cozy can be found here

This is my A picture for the ABC along I signed up for. Eventualy I will figure out how to put the little button on my blog. antil then there will be one letter every two weeks or so.

Friday, January 04, 2008

News and notes

So lets recap what I have learned this past month.

Lets start with Xmas. I love Xmas, I hate everything before Xmas day though. I don't like decorating, I hate the time crunch on my baking (even though I usually love baking), I don't like the pressure to find the right gifts, I hate the financial stress of all the present buying and baking supplies and everything else. I hate the uncertainty of gift giving (and receiving). Basically Xmas and Valentines day both make me want to curl up and hide. (My Indraz make holidays better)

On the upside my Xmas baking was pretty successful. I made Caramels and Fudge and learned that browning the butter before hand makes the carmels taste better but the butter needs cooled and added later (also marchino cherries are devine in fudge, next yr I need to find some little molds to make them in). I discovered that enough milk in the top layer of GaStSq's makes it spread really nice and tempering the egg before adding makes it not as likely to separate. I learned chocolate covered bacon is definitely tasty but is probably better not combined (I am willing to give it another go though). I found that date pinwheel cookies are easier then I remembered and just as good. And while Honey Cookies always sound so good they just never quite live up to expectations.

I have learned that yes B12 really really makes a difference in my energy levels. And that yes sleep and proper nutrition are important (for some reason I keep forgetting this). I have learned that when playing Santa with more then one person clear and constant communication can save all sorts of things, money, sanity, time..... And Hopefully I have learned that I can not knit fast enough to make presents for everyone (especially if I start in Nov.)

The rest of these I are just thing that made me think, what is not important but if I reach any conclusions I will let you know. Apparently spanking your laptop will make it boot faster. Publishers clearing house is having a drawing for 5,000 a week for life (and why is life usually defined as 20 yrs?, I really expect to live alot longer then that). And do you really want to compare your company / product to a Cadillac? Sure it has bells and whistles and is luxurious, but it is not responsive, fast or maneuverable.

Thursday, January 03, 2008


My headache finally relaxed about 1pm. Not with out alot of pain meds and wimpering on my part however. I sincerely hope that I don't have to face anything like that again soon.

In other news....

Robyn of Purlescence emailed me yesterday about the Story Tellers competition I won and a textile exhibit that is being put on. I am submitting 'Going to the Ball Gloves' from the competition, the 'Dwarf Coat' I have almost done (for Snow White) and if I manage to finish them a pair of 'Not an Elf Slippers' (also for Snow White) I would love to do the 'Pickaxe Cozy' but am not sure I will have the time (and money for yarn).

Here is her email...
Hello Storytellers,

I'm writing with exciting news - some of you already know a bit about
this. We have been approached by the owner of a textile gallery in
Hereford about putting on an exhibition of "Fairytale knits", using the
products of our Storytellers challenge. Of course I am delighted to be

If you would like to have your work on show, you'll need to send it to
me to arrive by 18 February so that I can forward it to the gallery in
good time. The exhibition is scheduled for 1 March, so those of you in
the country might want to take a little tour to Herefordshire around then!

Please let me know if you will be sending something, so that I can pass
on details of what we'll be able to provide.

And of course - a very happy new year to all of you! May it be filled
with inspiration and delight.



I was woke up at 4:30 this morning with a headache from hell. I managed to stumble around and find some pain pills but I couldn't get back to sleep. It is now 7am and my head still hurts I am hoping food and a hot shower helps.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Seems to be that time of yr again. Time to make promises you won't keep and will probably forget before the month is out (if not sooner). So here is my contributions to the disappointments of 2008...

I most solemnly resolve to...

Journal once a week
Eat healthier
Knit more! (what a chore)
Spank Indra at least once a week (she has apparently been spank deficient)
Did I mention Knit more?
And I would really like to start baking at least once a month (yummy cakes cookies and Pie!)